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Providing the highest quality in event styling with a personal touch are the hallmarks of our practice.

Greetings from Vonric Event Services

Affordable Wedding Planner in Davao City, Philippines

We, Vonric Event Services, as your wedding planners in Davao, are usually the only ones who are aware of all the minor aspects of your big day and will know what to do in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as late suppliers, late guests, last-minute seating adjustments, or even an out-of-control incidents.

Looking for a WEDDING PLANNER?

It takes a One of the most difficult, yet rewarding, aspects of the wedding planning process is deciding on your wedding ceremony. You get to pick the readings, songs, bouquets, seating arrangements, backgrounds, decorations, and everything else to create the ideal day to declare your love for your loving marriage. Is there a better option? If you’re already feeling overwhelmed or aren’t sure where to begin, pause for a moment and relax; you’ve come to the perfect spot! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ceremony preparation materials and guides to help you get started.


When you’re arranging an event, the list of to-dos can quickly become daunting. Sure, you have an event aim and vision, as well as a site and date in mind. But after that, you’re at a loss about where to begin. Vonric Event Services in Davao City is the best event decorator in Davao City you can have. From small personal gatherings to huge and grandiose festivities, Vonric Event Services in Davao City plans designs and manages spectacular festivities. Our weddings and other events are unique, magical experiences, flawlessly planned and flawlessly executed.

Interested in FULL DECORATION?

Let us make your special day even more Vonric event services are known for cooperating with some of the greatest suppliers in the industry to produce unique, fresh, and attractive events. Vonric Event Services comes from a diverse history in the interior design sector, so we recognize the importance of small details and significant events. Working in event planning and design allows us to combine our passions for beautiful settings, unique aesthetic elements, and connecting them all! As event planners, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay organized.

A group of Dedicated specialists

Our Team

As we believe that every wedding should be filled with bliss, enjoyment, and love; so every client should be free to relax and enjoy the wonderful and joyful experience of their love journey without the hassle of organizing it all on the special day. It is our mission to ensure that every client and their guests experience this.

Our Vonric Event Services team works with passion and heart, and responsibly as well to bring the client’s satisfaction. Managed by a dedicated team and professional in this business, we would love to work with you to create your personalized special event and will be in attendance in person from the beginning through to the very end of your function.

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